Welcome to the club website.   Our Next Meeting is Friday  Feb 5th  @ 7pm @ Gander Mountain in Ocala!  Next tournament of the 2015-16  year will be Feb 13th @ Toho @ Lakefront Park!!! Tournament entry is $25 per angler with an optional $5 big bass pot!

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Welcome to the home page for the Marion County Bassmasters.  Formerly the Have Fun Bass Tournament Trail, we are now a Florida Federation Nation club that officially started in January 2011.   We are a non-profit organization established to preserve and promote the Sport of Bass Fishing, to practice and promote sound environmental policies to conserve our natural resources, to promote youth and public interest in sport fishing and conservation, to work for an abundant, healthy, and self-sustaining bass fishery; to act as an effective voice for the advancement of bass fisheries, to communicate effectively with organizations that have an impact on the sport of bass fishing, and to support local, state and national agencies and organizations whose objectives are to conserve and manage our national resources.

Our goal is to provide a fun, competitive and safe environment for you to fish in while focusing our fishing on the bodies of water that make Florida a great place to fish for bass. 

Marion County Bassmasters fished their third tournament of the season at Salt Springs!! 22 boats made the trip!!! Taking home the win was Time Man and Troy Ray (28.24lbs)! 2nd went to Dale and Stoney Jackson (14.99lbs), 3rd to Andrew White and Chad Dorland (13.92lbs), 4th to Chuck Ervin and Marcus Martinez (12.84lbs), and 5th to Steve and Jonathon Bailey (9.58lbs)!!!! Tim Mann caught a 7.46lb Monster to secure Big Bass!!! Thanks To all the anglers who came out!!! Next Stop is at Toho!!!!

For further information on the State Level Qualifiers and Championships go to:

Membership: How can you come be apart of the Marion County Bassmasters!?
Its simple. First be a member of B.A.S.S. which can be obtained by visiting bassmaster.com. Next come out to one of our club meetings. We meet the first Friday of every month at Gander Mountain Ocala at 7pm! Then Pay your club dues of $60. Club dues break down as follows. $25 goes to the Florida BASS Nation, $30 to the BASS NATION, and $5 goes to Marion County Bassmasters. We also need you provide proof of $300,000 insurance coverage on the boat. Tournament Entry is $25 per angler with an optional $5 Big Bass pot. If you want to try us out first then join contact a club officer about fishing as a guest!!!

 Marion County Bassmasters is always accepting new members through the year! Come to a club meeting for more info or call a club officer! Tight Lines!







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